UX Is Not Just for Designers

If you’ve been following business and tech trends (or our blog!), you’ll know that User Experience (UX) is a quickly growing and ever-important field. Companies are hiring scads of UX professionals to help understand their users and to craft positive experiences for those people. We traditionally think of utilizing UX in the context of websites or mobile applications, but the […]

Remarketing vs. Retargeting – Why Names Matter

Remarketing vs. retargeting. Po-tay-toh vs. Po-tah-toh. Note: The digital landscape is always shifting. Stakes are being claimed and lines are being drawn. If you’re having an important conversation with someone about “remarketing” or “retargeting,” then make sure you’re using the same definitions that they are. That’s to say they’re the same thing, and there is a right answer. (It’s Potato. […]

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