Remarketing vs. Retargeting – Why Names Matter

Remarketing vs. retargeting. Po-tay-toh vs. Po-tah-toh. Note: The digital landscape is always shifting. Stakes are being claimed and lines are being drawn. If you’re having an important conversation with someone about “remarketing” or “retargeting,” then make sure you’re using the same definitions that they are. That’s to say they’re the same thing, and there is a right answer. (It’s Potato. […]

Artificial Intelligence: Fiction, Fact and Practical Application

When people hear “artificial intelligence,” they typically jump to thoughts of psychotic computers and killer robots with Austrian accents. Luckily, the realities of AI are much less threatening. In fact, you probably interact with an AI every day. In this episode, we break apart fact and fiction, and get you thinking about how AI can benefit your business. Transcript below. […]

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