This is how we Three Five Two.

At home in Atlanta and raised in Florida, 352 has spent 20 years building a culture uniquely our own. We are innovators and entrepreneurs, dedicating to help our clients – and each other – succeed. See what makes us tick.


Step into our office.

Just as we do for our clients, 352 is always innovating. From our humble beginnings twenty years ago in a University of Florida dorm room (OK, it was a fraternity house), we’ve grown to a group of more than 60 inspired people across three offices in the Southeast U.S. Along the way we’ve continually pushed to be the best versions of ourselves.

We’re inspired by creating great work with clients who are as passionate as we are about working together. We partner with organizations of all sizes to innovate and build digital experiences that help clients overcome challenges and create lasting connections with millions of people every day.


We design and build our own products.

We thrive on an entrepreneurial spirit, and we pursue our own products just as passionately as those of our clients. In the last three years, we’ve launched four internal projects into successful businesses, and we actively encourage new development during our annual Hackathon.

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We are team players.

Some of our teams have been together for years, and they’ve got enough team spirit to make the Avengers green with envy. Developers chime in on design, clients call designers to talk shop, and marketing and UX strategists have passionate debates about the nature of buttons.

Do we take the occasional break to wage Nerf war across the office? Absolutely. In fact, we do our best thinking once the foam starts flying. It’s all in a day’s work.

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We are creators.

We are builders.

We are advocates and evangelists.

We are self-declared ping-pong champions.

We are teammates.

We are family.

We are better together.

We are 352.


Our open door policy.

Drop by for coffee. Join in a game of shuffleboard – our doors are always open. Actually, maybe it’s best to wait for morning. We take our evening karaoke sessions pretty seriously.

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