352 Inc. / Innovation / February 25th, 2011

352 Media Group Launches New Tallahassee Apartment Search Website

For most people, searching for a place to live can be difficult and time consuming. If you live in Tallahassee, though, it doesn’t have to be anymore. We recently launched a website for Tallahassee Apartment Locator that makes the apartment-hunting experience easier and, dare we say, enjoyable.
Tallahassee Apartment Locator understands the horrors of looking for an apartment. Whether you are searching for a new place in a new city or in a city you’ve lived in for years, this new website will help apartment hunters find Tallahassee apartments fast! We created user-friendly search tools within the website to search by basic things like price, number of bedrooms, neighborhood location and pet policy. There’s also a new search criteria that focuses on Tallahassee apartments that rank well under green efforts. Tallahassee Apartment Locator also offers neighborhood guides that give facts about specific neighborhoods in the Tallahassee area, such as attractions and restaurants. Other helpful tools in the neighborhood guides are updated crime and traffic reports, which could influence your decision on where to live. You can also receive apartment-hunting advice on the website that will help to match the perfect apartment to your  lifestyle.  Tallahassee Apartment Locator also collected resource links to simplify all of your moving needs ,such as forwarding mail, setting up utilities, tips for going green and lowering bills, all included on a handy moving checklist to stay organized.

Visit Tallahassee Apartment Locator today to virtually explore Tallahassee apartments and find your dream apartment quickly and easily!