Erin Everhart / Innovation / March 23rd, 2011

352 Media Group Launches The Work First Foundation Website

In these difficult economic times, The Work First Foundation of New York helps to promote job placement for hard to employee individuals.  The Work First Foundation promote employment as the most important first step in social programs designed to improve the economic self-reliance, health and well-being of needy individuals. As part of its mission, the Work First Foundation sponsors projects that demonstrate the practical application of Work First theory.  These projects include job placement and applicant support programs for hard-to-place individuals, including the untrained or unemployed worker, homeless veterans, ex-offenders, persons transitioning out of public assistance, youth transitioning out of foster care and any other individuals with difficulties finding, securing and staying employed. In support of its mission, The Foundation publishes policy papers, conducts research studies and program evaluations, and creates forums for advocacy of best practices and policies for welfare, ex-offender and veterans-to-work initiatives nation-wide. The Work First Foundation came to the 352 Media Group wanting a website to be built (they hadn’t had a website up to this point).  The website’s primary purpose was to both provide information about their organization and would also contain an e-commerce component for benefactors wishing to make online donations.  The website created by the 352 Media Group is based around our powerful, yet easy-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS) which allows The Work First Foundation to easily maintain their own content.  Through integration with a payment processor, donors can make contributions online.  Through collaboration with the 352 Media Group, our award winning designers created an attractive, clean design which includes a slideshow which the Work First Foundation can maintain through the CMS.