Peter VanRysdam / Innovation / May 11th, 2010

352 Media Group Tops BtoB Magazine's List of Interactive Agencies, when held Right-Side-Up

For the second straight year, we are on the top of BtoB Magazine’s list of interactive agencies. We come in above companies like AKQA, MRM Worldwide, Razorfish, and Ogilvy and Mather. That is assuming, of course, that you are holding the article right-side-up. You see, once again, having a number in our name has put us at the top of the heap alphabetically. While the list does appear to go in alphabetical order, it’s hard for me to imagine that the ordering wasn’t somewhat intentional. We do deserve to be on top of the list based on our quality of work, not to mention our new site. The alphabetical thing gives BtoB an excuse to explain the “ranking” to any other agencies that might also be advertisers. You don’t have to say it, BtoB. I get it. It’s appreciated. Wink, wink. Here’s a shot of our top spot:   And the cover for the section. Click on it to view download the entire issue:

  • Rodney –

    Just found this post. Good job. Do you think you’ll get a three-peat. It’s impressive to be included on a list with these top-notch companies.