Geoff Wilson / News & Accolades / August 23rd, 2017

352 Inc. Named In Atlanta’s Top 10 Digital Agencies and Custom Software Firms

This week, Clutch released updated research regarding the top digital agencies, custom software development firms, and app developers in Atlanta. With our focus on rapid, agile deployment of sophisticated products and our iterative approach to digital marketing, 352 Inc. was included as one of Clutch’s best digital agencies in Atlanta, and one of its leading custom software development shops.

Clutch’s research showed 352 Inc. as Atlanta’s leader in delivering custom development, and we stood out for our focus on helping corporate innovators take early stage ideas and successfully bring them to market through custom products.

“Over the past year, these Atlanta digital agencies and development firms have produced unique and high-quality digital products,” said Michael Block, Business Analyst at Clutch. “Dedication to their craft and consistent praise from their clients earned them a spot on this list.”

We’re proud to be included on Clutch’s list of 2017 Best Agencies & Developers, and we’re excited to see where the next year takes us.