Brittney Sheffield / Technology / September 16th, 2014

A User's Guide to INBOUND14

We’ve got our entire marketing crew here at INBOUND, and we’ve learned a few things that we think may help our fellow conference-goers. Here’s how you INBOUND 14.

Don’t Be Late

By now, you’ve probably tried to walk into at least one session two minutes before it starts. And you’ve probably been politely told by INBOUND staff that the session is full, but hey: there’s free Wi-Fi for your troubles. We know the exhibition hall is fun, but don’t let it keep you from seeing a session. Get to your room at least 10 minutes early, and you may find a spot on the wall. Pro Tip: if you absolutely can’t miss a session, you can probably sneak in a side door. But you didn’t hear that from us.

Learn The Bridges. Love the Bridges.

Need to get around quicker to avoid problem No. 1? The Boston Convention Center is a pretty big place. It took us two trips around the entire building to learn that they thoughtfully built bridges that cut across the center to each hallway of meeting rooms.


Cool Kids Have Cool Notepads

Taking notes on your Macbook is fine, I guess. But if you want to fit in with the Inbound cool crowd, you’ll need a fancy notebook. Luckily, we packed a few extra Moleskines.


[Editor’s note: But since we’re all taking notes on our Macbooks anyway, we suggest Evernote. It’s awesome, shareable and we love elephants. Wins all around.]

Uncool Kids Take Pictures with iPads

We’re all better than this now, right?

Careful With Your VPN

As much as you probably need to get some critical work done here at INBOUND, connecting to your VPN over the public network may not be the best move from a security standpoint. But that’s probably for the best anyway. Remember that you’re here to sharpen your sword, not to mow through work. Sit back and enjoy it!

Don’t Start Side Conversations

We’re all hustling to nab business cards, but if you need to chat with a neighbor during a session – let’s just step out into the hallway. Even during a Q&A, your conversation is going to be heard around the room. So we’ll all pretend this is school and leave the talking to the presenters.

Improvise When Necessary

Because those food truck lines were hellaciously long.

  • Brian Russell

    I respectfully disagree with your assessment on taking pictures with iPad, especially when taking notes with Evernote. The app makes it really easy to snap and place the photo inline with your notes.

    • mikecush

      The Evernote syncing is a nice capability, so I’ll agree that in a conference setting it’s excusable to use your iPad as a camera.