Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / July 9th, 2007

Apparently Sony is Reading My Blog

So I put that video out there last week about the shortcomings of the PS3 compared to the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft XBox 360.  I guess it was the final straw for Sony, who announced some pretty drastic changes to the console to be rereleased in August.  Not only are they slashing prices by $100, but they’re also releasing a version with a larger hard drive.  Sure, they say it’s because of their plans for more content downloads to the unit in the future, but you and I know it was my blog that did it.

The timing couldn’t be better for Sony, who has faced bad press ever since the launch of the system.  Now they’re finally on the other end with Microsoft’s 360 getting the bad press.  Yeah, you can call shelling out a billion dollars for dead console repairs a bad thing, even if you’re mega trillionaire Microsoft.  Well, at least they’re being proactive by recalling and fixing them.  And that’s before they catch fire like those crazy old laptops or Ford Explorers