Erin Everhart / Marketing / April 16th, 2012

April: Summing Up SEO

seo news aprilWhether you like it or not, summer is coming. (For us here in Florida, summer was here 2 months ago.) April is always one of those weird transition months where it’s not quite blistering hot and cool enough to still enjoy being outside. SEO must be in the same season because with everything that’s happening recently, you just know that bigger things are brewing.Until then though, take this time to catch up on some of the most recent news and tips in SEO. Maybe even take a break from the office chair and drab walls to catch up on your fresh air while reading.
How Google’s Semantic Search Will Change SEO via Mashable
In March, Google announced that it will begin to move to semantic search technology, which will allow Google to figure out your intent when searching. This will change the SEO game as we know it. 5 Ways To Get The Best Links For New Websites via Search Engine Land
When you’re a new website, links are your lifeblood but you also don’t have all the time to dedicate to link building. Focus on these 5 ways when you’re just getting started to bring both rankings and traffic. Five Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website via Entrepreneur
Last year, Google announced that the faster your page loads, the higher your rankings will be. But before you go slicing out all your images and cutting down your HTML, consider these five easy ways to make your website load faster. Non-intuitive Search Queries & Resources For Link Building via SEOmoz
Advanced search queries can lead you to a goldmine of potential link prospects in Google. But your competitors are probably using them to. These queries will help you uncover some untapped resources to give you that leg up. Seven Over-Optimization What-If’s via Search Engine Journal
We knew this day was coming. Enough people have tried to game the system, and Google is finally doing something about it with an over-optimization penalty that Matt Cutts announced at SXSW. These are just some of the things you’ll need to get prepared for. Competitive SEO Analysis: Data, Creativity & Understanding the Competitive Landscape via Search Engine Watch
You’re not just competing against direct competitors for rankings. You’re competing with anyone who could rank for that term, and that opens up the landscape quite a bit. At an SES panel, they divulged some tools of the trade to help you value and analyze your competition. Link Building in 2012: Scalable Link Building via Kaiserthesage
We could go on for days about everything that’s changed in the SEO world the past year, but one thing has nuzzled it’s way to to the top: Your link building campaign must be scalable if you want results without spending every hour of your day doing it. How to Implement Rel=Author via Blind Five Year Old
Seeing this is from 2011, it’s not exactly news, but its relevance is imperative. You’re seeing Google’s Authorship Markup more and more on result pages, and this article will show you how to get your content and your writers showing up, too. 7 Ways to Use Visitor Intelligence in SEO & Marketing via Search Engine Watch
So your rankings are good and your getting traffic and conversions like it’s nobody’s business. But what next? To bring your SEO and your website to the next level, get personal with your visitors so you can give them exactly what you want, and they give you want you want: more revenue. Pull PR: Combining SEO and Public Relations via Top Rank
If you’re thinking of PR, SEO, social media, and marketing as individual items, you’re doing it wrong. Whatever you want to call it, marketing today isn’t just about one medium, it’s about syncing every medium together, and PR and SEO is just one example of the combination happening. What else did we miss this past month in SEO?