Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / June 6th, 2012

Archived Webinar – Justifying The Investment: Analytics For Social Media ROI

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Every time we speak about social media, whether at a conference or a meeting with a prospect, we always get the question, “How do you measure ROI?” Our answer is simple: It’s not that simple. With everyone looking for that one magic formula, it’s easy to get frustrated. However there is always a way to measure. All you need is to focus on what a conversion means to you and work backwards from there. In this webinar, we show attendees some examples of measurable metrics within social media as well as how to optimize your campaign to track these things. We also review some of the ways to crunch those numbers to get an accurate picture of where you stand and what you can improve. With a little code and an understanding of how users interact with your social media channels, you can finally put a number in the ROI field.