Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / July 12th, 2012

Archived Webinar – Link Building Secrets: How to Leverage LinkedIn & Email to Improve Results

There are two ways to conquer your competition in link building: great content and even better relationships. You already know that, though. Blogs are the best way to get links within great content and build even better relationships, but they’re also the most tapped resource by SEOs for coverage and link requests.  If you have any chance of getting your content to the top of the pile, you’ll have to find unique ways to reach your bloggers, and LinkedIn — along with some snazzy emailing techniques — is just the tool to help you do it.
In this free webinar, wediscuss how you can use LinkedIn both as search tool to find bloggers or writers in your location or people within the company when they only give a generic email address. Using methods like this, we’ve found 30% more sites for link prospects and increased our response rate by 40%. We also talk about how to best make a connection with people, including using Twitter and how to best format your email to improve open rate. Finally, we walk through case studies that we’ve seen with great blogger outreach campaigns as well as case studies from other companies and how other service providers could leverage something similar.