352 Inc. / Innovation / July 30th, 2009

Attention Craiglist Spammers and Scammers: Stealing takes Creativity!

I wrote this article a little over a year ago about a scam attempt on www.craigslist.com that was pretty creative.  It was an interesting scam that took me awhile to figure out.  I’m happy to say there were several comments from people who saw the post and avoided a similar scam.Well I’ve posted something else to sell on craigslist.com, and I’ve got to say, the spammers and scammers just aren’t trying as hard.  As an example, take a look at the email I got this morning:Hey, I saw your email at http://gainesville.craigslist.org/tix/1285280003.html on  7/23/2009   I just wanted to let you know how my brother-in-law became un-employed recently because of the the economic slowdown not long ago. However, he learned of a a way to make money online from home and even wrote a blog about it.   He is making 6,500 dollars each month now working online with Google.   You should take a look at his online journal: [Link Removed to Protect the Stupid]Many people have changed their lives after reading, and I am sure you can benefit from it.     Good Luck!micheline searles [estherw.boganzr387@gmail.com]If I’m going to join your multi-level marketing scheme, at least get a better segway.  I mean, how does this relate to my product?  Tell me a good story about how my item reminded you of your brother, or how you’re interested to see my product and show me how I can get in on the ground floor of your great opportunity.  This is not how you get people on the bottom of your pyramid schemes!So please, go big or go home.  Surfers are more aware of scams than ever, so you’ve got to bring your A game if you want to take people’s savings.