352 Inc. / Marketing / January 5th, 2009

Bad Day in Twitter Land

We all make mistakes…I get that.  But I’m still amazed by seemingly tech-savvy people that don’t look closely at a url from an email.  I’d expect that from my mother-in-law, or my grandfather who once tried to email me from his browser.

The latest group targeted were the twitterers.  Again, these are people ahead of the curve online, participating in an emerging social networking tool.  But be that as it may, several notable accounts were hacked.  Here’s a shot of the most entertaining:

fox news twitter

britney spears twitter

twitter hack

There are even more out there, but these are my favorite.  Again, I know people make stupid mistakes, but I just had to share these.  I expect you to do the same when I goof up like this someday.  Don’t worry…it will happen soon!

More on the twitter issues and what to look out for here: http://blog.twitter.com/2009/01/gone-phishing.html