Peter VanRysdam / Innovation / March 16th, 2010

BAE Systems' PROTECH Tactical Web Site Getting Some Great Results!

We have worked with BAE systems for a couple of years now on Web sites for several of their brands. One of the most prominent is PROTECH Tactical. They make the body armor that protects our military in battle. It is some seriously high-tech stuff!

The site, before we got our hands on it, was not performing as well as it could. With such a small audience, the key metrics for success isn’t as much about the number of visitors, but instead about the quality of those visits. We just got some hard numbers from them, a few months after the site went live, and they are great! You can see the entire case study on our portfolio. Here is an excerpt: So far, the monthly average measurements for site visits in 2010 have surpassed those for 2009 by an estimated 40%. Data states indicate that visitors spend an average of 2 to 3 times the amount of time on the site, previewing multiple pages per visit. Prior to the redesign, these kinds of numbers were a rarity. A decrease of almost 50% in the Bounce Rate further provided data to highlight the new site’s success story. Bounce rate is a term used to describe the percentage of visitors who are only viewing a single page of your Web site before leaving or “bouncing” to another site. A lower rate means that the site is relevant to visitors and they are browsing more pages; a low measurement is reached through compelling and tailored Web pages. “We are thrilled about our new site and amazed at the traffic increases. We are eager to see what other improvements and success is to come,” said a representative. PROTECH is presently having 352 Media Group update and redesign several other associated brand Web sites. The success of the first site is driving the company to continue improving and strengthening their brand’s sites. These are great results, and they are just a start. I’ll be sure to update these numbers as new ones are available. Also, be sure to check out the PROTECH Tactical Web site!