Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / September 10th, 2010

Book: Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

I’m not a toot my own horn kinda guy, so I’ve been reluctant to post this blog. But what the heck…it’s about time. In late July I released a book called Marketing in a Web 2.0 World: Using Social Media, Webinars, Blogs, and More to Boost Your Small Business on a Budget through Atlantic Publishing, a great resource for business and how-to books. I didn’t write the book to fund my retirement (most authors will tell you a book wouldn’t cover a week of retirement). I wrote it because I saw an area that I really felt was overlooked. As a marketer of a small business myself, I’ve read a bunch of books on things ranging from general marketing to guerilla and word-of-mouth approaches. While many have given me actionable take-aways, I didn’t notice a recurring theme: the case studies of what’s done right tend to focus on large, well-known brands with large budgets. Who cares if McDonalds had success with their campaign? 352 Media Group, and more businesses than not, doesn’t have the money or name recognition to replicate the results. That’s why I decided to focus on what small businesses can do with limited funds and limited awareness to increase their bottom line. Web 2.0 technologies like blogs, social networks, websites, and webinars have really leveled the playing field. With the right site, a small business can looks like a big one. With the right message, a boutique can get their message shared by thousands. The book talks about what it takes to not just jump in to the Web 2.0 and social media marketing arenas, but how to do it the right way. And then, one of the most important and most overlooked elements, how to measure the results. And speaking of results, the book has been a great success, at least in my mind. Coming at this as a first time author, I had no idea what to expect, but just take a look at these numbers from Amazon, keeping in mind there are over 4,000,000 books listed on their site:

So far, the book has been featured on the American Marketing Association’s Author Podcast series, and I just did an interview this week with for their Technical Tidbits show. You can hear the archive of that show here:

Anyhow, check out the book if you’re interested. It’s available from or straight from the publisher on Right now, they’re offering a coupon code that makes the book even cheaper than on Amazon. Use code PETERWEB through the end of September for 35% off.

And most important, let me know what you think. Leave a comment here or a review on Amazon. This is my first crack at this, and I certainly want to do it again and even better!

  • Jonathan B.

    Congrats on the success of your book, Peter. It sounds great!

  • PeterV – CMO

    Thanks, Jonathan! I appreciate it!

  • Talia

    Yo, PVR. Looks like a good book. Have you donated a few to the area libraries? You could also make a request for them to purchase the book. Apparently the Pheonix Public Library already has it. I hope more are doing the same. 😀 So, when are you going to open your Naked Pizza franchise in Gainesville, huh?

  • PeterV – CMO

    wouldn’t that be awesome! I can’t wait to eat there next time i’m in NOLA. How do you see what libraries it’s in? I was actually thinking about that this morning when I passed the local one on the way to work.

  • Jonathan B.

    I’m having trouble deciding if I would eat at a Naked Pizza franchise. Hmmm. I guess anything is at least as good as Cici’s. 🙂

  • PeterV – CMO

    I think clothes are still required, though I’m sure that’s relaxed around Mardi Gras…it’s the Pizza’s that are naked from processed stuff. Sounds good/good for you!

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