Geoff Wilson / Marketing / July 26th, 2007

Callaway Golf Running A/B Split Testing on Their Web Site

Here’s a little interesting experiment.  Load on your Web browser (select US as your country).  Now, either close your Web browser and open it again and reload the site, or load the site on a different computer.  There is a good chance the Flash graphic in the header will be different, and in some cases it will feature completely different information.  This is because Callaway Golf is likely running A/B Split Testing to determine which graphic set is most effective.

They seem to be running two primary graphic sets — one featuring their golf clubs, and another featuring the players who use their equipment.  Both are Flash based, but the players Flash is more extensive and includes integrated Flash video.  The golf club Flash will start at different frames at different times as well — sometimes you’ll first see a driver club featured, other times it will be their iron clubs.

A/B Split Testing is a very effective method for determining the best graphic or marketing message to go with in a situation like this.  Good web analytics packages such as Clicktracks (who we use) have support for A/B Split Testing built right in.  It will be interesting to see how Callaway Golf changes their Web site over the next few months now that they are compiling this data.