Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / November 26th, 2007

Change In Blog Policy – We Now Have Readers

Looks like I actually have to put thought in to my posts now, because as it would so happen, people are actually reading the blog!  Can’t say I saw that coming!  When this started, it was more of a fun experiment in social marketing, and I have to say it’s worked.  Just last week during a conference call with a client, I was congratulated on our softball team’s championship.  Likewise, I’ve had friends ask me how our hat embroidery fiasco has turned out.  People are reading! Oh crap.

So most bloggers would be excited.  I’m not most bloggers.  Now I’m scared that I actually need to think about what I write, like not writing “Oh crap.”  Or do I?  Maybe it’s the mindless ranting and raving of the blog that readers relate to.  Sure, there’s the occasional tip or tool for Web developers or interactive marketing folks, but it’s far outweighed by my complaining about bad Web sites or other things I’ve come across in the marketing world. 

I have to attribute much of the readership to our email signatures at our company.  We’ve encouraged our staff to add a link to our blog in their sigs, and in my experience it’s worked very well.  I’ll email someone, and the email back comes with a comment about our blog.  Just that little line at the end of an email message is a great way to encourage clients or leads to learn more about you.