Peter VanRysdam / Technology / March 15th, 2010

Check Out Our Design from Scott Guthrie's #MIX10 Keynote on Windows Phone 7

This morning, Microsoft Executive Scott Guthrie announced the developer story for the much anticipated Windows Phone 7 Series, and our designs were front and center in the presentation. Scott closed the keynote by driving a remote-controlled tank on the the stage. The cool part is it was being controlled by an app on the new Windows Phone. It used a combination of the accelerometer and on-screen controls to drive, aim, and ultimately fire Scott’s signature red polo shirts in to the crowd from the gun’s turret. The entire user interface for the phone’s app was developed by our team. We were tasked by Microsoft with creating a Silverlight 3 app that needed to fit within specific dimensions. While we were never told it was for the phone, we had our suspicisions. Turns out they were right, as the app was front and center in the first public demo of an app on the device. Here are a couple of screen caps of the app. I’ll try to post a link to the keynote video when I find it. This is the status screen, which shows the network status as well as the active link to the tank: and here is a shot of the drive screen: Next comes the aiming screen: And finally, the fire mode: Pretty cool, huh? To check out more examples of our Silverlight work, check out our site at Also, check out our new Windows Phone 7 App Development page. We’ve also got some work in the day two keynote here at the event, so be on the lookout for that! Also, just found a video of the Cannon in action: