Don Wedington / Marketing / May 23rd, 2008

Cutting Edge Technology: Atlanta's Computing Power @ An All-Time High

It happens with every growing company, you add people and then realize that you need more stuff.  Chairs, desks, monitors, computers, etc.  We are no different.

Recently we launched a new and improved internship program at our flagship office in Gainesville that required a tremendous amount of support.  Walls were torn down and a “super” lab was created.  This left a need for all sorts of additional computers and peripherals.  So let the fleecing of Atlanta begin!

Well after the dust settled, we are now a very lean and mean crew.  There is no extra anything just laying around.  In fact here is the only spare work station that we have left:

Sad Worker

Sad Equipment

It’s amzing that we can produce such high quality work with this type of equipment, but we do work miracles on a daily basis.

Go 352!