Michelle Brownstein
Michelle Brownstein / Marketing / October 8th, 2008

Ergonomics for the rest of your body

So I’ve found that working in front of a computer all day is much like running a marathon.  For example, you have to pace yourself to ensure you don’t wear out your eyes, hands, or brain for that matter, even with the numerous ergonomic gadgets out there supporting your every move at the computer. 

But you also have to be sure to keep yourself well hydrated- this is something they won’t teach you in school kiddies! I’ve found that unless I put a bottle of water in front of myself I don’t think about drinking anything through the course of the work day, which for me can be from 9am to 9pm. Now, for most people not drinking anything at work probably wouldn’t be a big deal. Unfortunately, for those of us lucky ones, dehydration can lead to vertigo, and if you are not blessed enough to have experienced this wonder of nature, ride on one of those gravitron rides for like 5 hours, get off, and then try to walk while looking at a fixed object, and that is how you will feel all the time. Lovely, isn’t it 🙂

So moral of this story, stay hydrated because no office supply place has a cushion to keep you from feeling the consequences if you don’t.