Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / June 17th, 2010

Even in a Web World, a Good Business Card is Important

I’ve seen a lot of funky business cards in my time (I’m old). I’ve seen metal ones, clear ones, odd shaped ones…the list goes on. The goal of all of these is to stand out in the pile. We even made cubed business cards for our sales people, which certainly grabbed attention. However they also grabbed the attention of our accounting department. Those puppies ain’t cheap. So for our other cards, we have started using something called SilkCards from Rather than using rounded corners or weird die-cuts, they put a coating on the paper that makes them literally feel like silk. If you’re thumbing through cards, you literally feel the difference when you get to them. As an added bonus, the coating makes them virtually tear proof. Nice feature. Nobody will tear your card up and throw it out anymore! They’ll just throw it out whole if they don’t like it. I don’t know what it is about business cards, but people take some serious pride in them. Just check out these two clips, the first from American Psycho (embedding is disabled since it’s from a movie, but watch the clip if you haven’t before), and the second from a real person. That’s right…not an actor. Just a guy that really loves his business cards. He’d love them more if they felt like silk.