Don Wedington / Marketing / March 19th, 2008

First the Dollar and now this? Broadband use in the EU is huge.

BroadbandSo the US economy has seen better days, sure.  Energy price are up, the housing market is in the crapper, and the Dollar will basically get you that frosty from Wendy’s and that’s about it.  But the Internet, that’s our baby (didn’t Al Gore invent the thing for crying out loud?!).

So imagine my shock (no awe) when I read this article in the NYTimes about the EU’s broadband usage just dwarfing that of the US and Japan.  Now this is of great significance because with broadband comes a definite rich user experience.  Video, RIA’s, and Social Media technology all run (and runs better) with broadband connection. 

This, coupled with the weak US Dollar, represents a great opportunity for companies like ours to provide high end design at rock bottom prices.

So come on over EU, we got some Web design cooking and I think you will like the taste!