Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / November 3rd, 2009

Fun With Twitter's New List Feature

Twitter recently launched it’s new lists feature in beta.  At first I was a little confused about the point, but I think I’ve got it now. 

I figured lists would be a way for you to share a group of people for others to follow.  Instead, it’s more like a mini feed you can use to view a specific stream.  So let’s say you follow coworkers, friends, family, and your favorite celebrities.  Chances are you aren’t catching everything you want to see, since Ashton Kutcher keeps tweeting and pushing your mother-in-law’s posts down the page.  The answer is to setup a list called “family,” that includes just those particular users.  Then you can click on that list to see a filtered twitter stream.  Depending on whether you make it public or private, you can share the list with others in the family, or anyone else interested in stalking you.

I took the liberty of creating a list of 352 Media Group employees and interns, past and present.  Take a peek (via the handy dandy twitter widget below), and please follow the list!  If you are an alumni and aren’t listed, let me know and I’ll add you! 

Note: the views in these tweets, especially those pertaining to the Florida Georgia football weekend, do not represent the sobriety of 352 Media Group’s employees, past or present. 🙂