352 Inc. / Marketing / February 5th, 2008

Getting your iPod Touch maps application to work

If you’re getting the error “Your Location Could not be Determined” problem with your iPod Touch, follow these steps to get it sorted.

Step 1

Go to Skyhooks website and check if your area is covered.  Type your postal address in the field under the map and click “Find It” It will give you a result, if you’re successful it will display your address along with your long / lat info, (take note of these details).

Step 2
You will need your Mac address (that your router broadcasts) the easiest non techie way to do this is download www.netstumbler.com (make sure you have your wifi turned on — start -> control panel -> Network connections ->  right Click and Enable wireless) Once this is done it will display your Mac address (take note of this address)

Step 3

Open your email application

Type in your Long / lat from step 1, type in your Mac address from step 2 and email it to support@skyhookwireless.com

They will put it into the system for processing. Currently it can take a few weeks for it to show up on Apple’s servers.

Even if don’t have an iPod touch, do it anyway, as I get lost all the time and it would be helpful to know where I am,  Hope this info helps.