352 Inc. / Marketing / July 31st, 2008

Going Green at the Office (for real this time)

After Peter’s April Fool’s prank (admittedly he got me), I’ve been more aware of green initiatives in general but specifically for the office.  We’ve started using the Publix reusable bags here at work, since so many lunches are predicated by a trip to Publix.  Probably 5-10 plastic bags are saved everyday by 352.  In case you’re wondering why that’s a big deal take a look at this.

Peter’s dream of a greener office might just happen if a Japanese manufacturer Nihon Telecommunications Systems is able to get their costs to a reasonable level. It’s quite simple really.  It’s just just a window with a photovoltaic skin attached to a usb cable. 

Hold your granola though, it will cost you at least $7600 per PC.  On the bright side, the skin being tinted in turn reduces costs associated with cooling the office. With the rising cost of oil and no end in sight, technologies like this will start to get viable as the economy of scales brings the prices down in the future.