Erin Everhart / Technology / June 10th, 2010

Google does its best Bing Impersonation

UPDATE June 10, 2010. 2:20 p.m. EST — I guess Google got wind of some unhappy searchers, most likely from Twitter. The default Google home page is back to the familar white we’ve all come to know and love. Google, you always try to out-Google yourself. We ood and awed when iGoogle popped up 2005. We look forward to your logo doodles for a reason to celebrate any proclaimed holiday. We were intrigued when you decided to infiltrate the phone market with Nexus One. We were blown away — and so was our productivity, $120,483,800 worth, according to RescueTime — when a playable Pacman hit the homepage. But this? This we never saw coming. I’m sorry, what? Did I just inadvertently get re-routed to Bing? If you’re like me, you probably didn’t even notice the “Change background image” link that appeared in the bottom left-hand corner of your homepage earlier this month. Apparently, Google caught on to this buzz, or lack thereof, and decided to make the decision for us by not giving us a decision to make. According to its blog, these images will be on Google’s homepage for the next 24 hours. And good luck trying to Google your way back to the classic page; the closest option is choosing the “white” background, which has the text in a ghostly gray overtone. The pictures range from a variety of well-known artists and sculptors, or you can upload your own photo, kind of like you would for your computer’s desktop. The above was the default that appeared on my homepage this morning. Now, I’ve got the following. Is everyone on the same picture cycle? So, is it Bing envy? Google would never attest to that. In fact, Google hasn’t said much as to why the appearance of a picture backdrop, expect that it’s to add “a whole new level of personalization” to your search-engine experience. But I find it odd that Google, the giant that holds 65% of the search-engine market share, would do anything that could be construed as copying a competitor that doesn’t even come close to them. But then again, maybe Google knows something we don’t.  

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