Geoff Wilson / Marketing / November 29th, 2007

Google's Android Developer Challenge To Pay Out Big Bucks

If you don’t read many tech blogs, you may not be aware that Google is getting into the cellphone universe with an open platform originally developed under the name “Android”. This platform is open (free) and consists of many popular technologies like SQL Lite, OpenGL and java. The SDK was released last week. 

Google is now going to have an “Android Developer Challenge” which is set to drive developers to create new and interesting apps for the phones that will be coming out next year. They are offering a $25,000 fund to each of the top 50 “most promising” entries received by March 3 (to continue development), and the top 10 of those will receive another $275,000 while 10 runners up each get $100,000. This totals over $10 million in awards.   

Anyone who has experience with these open technologies should definitely look into developing something for a shot at those awards. This link contains more information, suggested apps, and references to get started.