Peter VanRysdam / Technology / March 17th, 2010

Hands-On Demo of the Windows Phone 7 Series Cannon App from #MIX10

As you saw from my other posts, we’ve done some really cool work for Microsoft’s MIX conference centered around the Windows Phone 7 Series. We were lucky enough to design the user interface for the Windows Phone 7 Series App that drove a t-shirt cannon on stage at the MIX Keynote. Scott Guthrie used the accelerometer to drive, aim, and fire red polos in to the crowd from the Cannon. After the keynote, we took some video of the app on the phone, showing the various screens as well as the connectivity to the cannon in the aim and fire modes. We had to shut down drive mode and cut the firing psi down to almost nothing so we didn’t hurt anyone! Very few have actually had their hands on the devices…the booth showing off the phones doesn’t let the attendees handle them, so this is a rare look at what promises to be an amazing new player in the smart phone and app development world! Here’s the video: