352 Inc. / Marketing / April 1st, 2008

Head in 'the cloud'… feet on the ground.

Google takes yet another step towards world domination with their latest extension to their online applications in ‘the cloud’.  This time it brings things back to earth and allows you to edit the documents you manage within their Google Docs application directly on your desktop once you are offline.  I must admit I have been an active user of most things Google, from email, to google docs, maps/earth/sky even moon. But, I could really care less if I can work on docs offline (doing little traveling and almost always being somewhere with wifi), however it illustrates the limitations of computing in the cloud are starting to be overcome. 

Microsoft on the other hand is moving the other direction with their version of office online.  With Microsoft’s recent ‘unofficial’ thumbs up for ISO certification of the Open XML format, Microsoft may keep businesses from the urge to look elsewhere with the likes Google Docs and and other OpenDoc ventures. 

I’m just glad there is some refreshing competition in this space again.  Let the free market decide!