352 Inc. / Marketing / March 26th, 2008


helvetica fontI’m an ‘Account Manager’ here at 352, but I haven’t always had such a boring generic title. I dabbled in print and website design a while ago (seriously I actually got paid to do it) and have continued to amuse myself in my spare time. That being said my NetFlix bot recently recommended an independent film Helvetica. It’s been right on the money recently. Back when I was a designer I used Helvetica but sparingly and usually just for copy, as it was from an older ‘modern’ era (couldn’t help myself). ‘Neue Haas Grotesk’ as it was originally known. Thank god that was changed. What a revolutionary font this has been. I had no idea it was used so much. The list of corporate brands that use it is wild. It is simply everywhere. The film does a great job of highlighting probably the most commonly seen font since it’s creation. It’s not all in a good light either. There is plenty of bashing. Great watch even if you think you couldn’t care less.