Geoff Wilson / Marketing / July 15th, 2008

How I Became an Ice Cream Scooper

I was asked the other day to give a speech to an Entrepreneurship class at the University of Florida about starting a business.  While getting some notes together, I came across the video that Will Bisanz and I put together back in 2003 showing the opening our of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Scoop Shops in Gainesville, Florida.  As I have mentioned on this blog before, I live a secret life as an ice cream scooper!  Actually, the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops are a small side venture compared to 352 Media, but they are fun nonetheless!

The video is pretty funny and certainly brings back some memories.  Take a look:

P.S. — My favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?  New York Super Fudge Chunk!  Yummy!!