Brian Russell
Brian Russell / Marketing / August 6th, 2014

How To Debug Google Analytics: Troubleshoot The Tracking Code

The video below is for those of you who’ve graduated beyond just pasting the default Google Analytics tracking code into your site, and who want to make sure you’ve set things up correctly.

You don’t have to wait 24 to 48 hours to see what shows up in your Google Analytics account view to see if you’ve got it right. You don’t even have to keep staring at the realtime monitoring of the site to see if that button click comes through.

With Google Analytics Debugger, you can watch in your browser the behind-the-scenes push your website is making to analytics’ servers for those events, transactions, social shares, page timings and more that you’re wanting to monitor.

Click play on the video below for a brief explanation of what this tool is showing you.

  • Kate Griggs

    Really helpful, Brian. I know I definitely need more training past basic analytics use.

  • Peter VanRysdam

    So is it safe to assume Chrome is the best browser for someone with an eye on analytics? Any firefox plug-ins worthwhile?

    • Brian Russell

      Chrome does have a grip on the market, like GA has on analytics. There is/was a Firefox plugin called WASP, and it was a paid tool (shareware). But the developers are phasing it out on Firefox to make it Chrome-only and free. WASP also works to debug other analytics packages like Coremetrics and SiteCatalyst.

  • Chris Manning

    Wow, all can say is amazing job. Google analytics can be extremely confusing and there are a lot of things you highlighted that I didn’t even know about!