Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / August 13th, 2007

If it Weren't for the Football, I'd Move!

It’s that time of year again here in Sunny Florida.  The weather will be the same for about four months before our “reprieve” to the high 80’s begins.  Hot in the morning.  Scalding at lunch.  Pouring at 3pm.  Sweltering and sticky at 4pm.  Mosquitos from 8pm until the morning, when the cycle repeats itself.

I swear the weather guy on TV records one segment and leaves for a few months, returning only for the occasional hurricane, which is almost welcomed as a diversion.

Just look at this forecast!  I can’t wait for the cool down on Friday!  And this doesn’t even factor in the heat index.  What do I care if it’s 97 out if it feels like 105?  If it feels like 105, isn’t it 105?  If it weren’t for the defending national champion (in all sports currently) Florida Gators, I’d be outta here in a flash!

Gainesville's Forecast