Peter VanRysdam / Technology / June 14th, 2010

Impact Web Design Makes a Big Impact With Our Graphics

That whole imitation is the sincerest form of flattery thing? That’s just something people say to make you feel better when you’ve been ripped off. Yes, I’d rather have people trying to be like us than the other way around, but it still makes you angry when you see something like this… Last week, one of our fellow design agencies pointed us in the direction of a company called Impact Web Design in Charlotte, NC. It seems that, like us, they just made some changes to their website. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about their design. First, take a look at our services page. And then here is the services page of Impact Web Design, up at www dot impact dash webdesign dot com (not about to give them the benefit of a link from our site). The first reaction would be to send a letter from our attorneys, but I’d rather just share it with you. Sure, a letter will make them take it down, but it doesn’t send the message I want to send: that you shouldn’t take somebody’s stuff. I’m a big fan of those judges out in Texas that make shoplifters stand in front of the store they stole from with a sign. It’s this century’s version of the stocks. My hope is to take that shame to the Internet age. Maybe people will think twice before just copying and pasting things for their own use without asking permission or giving credit. Or maybe not. **UPDATE – 6/21/2010** The graphics in question have been removed. I guess the blog post worked, though I would’ve still liked an email apology from them. Something like how one of the designers passed this off as his own, and they had no idea. He’s since been banished to the testing department, etc. That would be nice to hear.

  • Michelle

    Yet they continue to use SketchRockwell as their header font through their services, despite the face the font is not used elsewhere in their site or branding – a continued ode to 352 Media Group I’m sure!

  • brian

    Nice info and interesting . i like the graphics!