Brian Russell
Brian Russell / Marketing / February 28th, 2013

#InnovateTampa – By the Numbers

We’ve long been a proponent of innovation, including in Tampa. Just look at the video below Tim created when we heard there was a bigger movement in the works Today we sponsored an event headlined by Guy Kawasaki, the marketer at Apple behind the first Macintosh in 1984, a bestselling author, and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. We came, we saw, we lead, we sponsored. We event counted the tweets and collected the data. #InnovateTampa – By the Numbers 1.4 tweets per minute with the hashtag #innovatetampa around the time of the event. 202 total tweets used the hashtag 8th most tweeted photo was of Geoff Wilson, 352’s president and an introductor at the event. 1, 3, 4 & 10 were pictures of Guy Kawasaki 1st – Twitter for iPhone was the most used Tweet posting tool. 3rd – Twiter for Windows Phone. 4th – Twitter for Android. 0 – Refills of tea for PVR, our chief marketing officer most popular information from innovatetampa event Photo Credit: Photomatt28 via Compfight cc