Caroline Blake / Marketing / March 20th, 2008

iphone sdk hopefully allows flash expansion

Others have already blogged on the SDK that was released for the iphone, which understandably got developers (and users!) the world over hot ‘n bothered. One of the first fruits of the release that I’ve seen, though, is the recent announcement that Adobe is now beginning work on porting Flash to the iphone.

google egg catchI realize that the iphone has plenty of fun toys already, however having the ability to browse flash embedded sites will knock the convenience factor up several notches. Having flash viewing capabilities would be incrediably helpful to the mobile user as well as for any company wanting mobile accessibility without having to completely retool flash laden sites. Not to mention companies like us who are interested in bringing rich applications to as many mediums as possible.

Speaking of flash… which can be used for web games… web games… which may sometimes be developed as applets… speaking of applets … Enjoy some hopefully-seisure-free google egg catching goodness . Because really, who wants to do the egg toss at field day, when they can catch eggs in clean and nerdy fashion?