Mike Cushing / Technology / May 31st, 2013

Is Agile Right for Your Web Project? Yes, and We’ll Tell You Why

The internet has changed dramatically in 20 years (remember Prodigy?), but web development has remained largely the same. You start with a plan and a budget, go through multiple change orders, and months later you’ve got a website you can (hopefully) be proud of. But with a move toward more functional websites, speed and quality development are top priorities. How do you meet those needs while working with the constraints of traditional web development?

At 352, we’ve taken our cues from the software development world and moved away from the traditional, waterfall model of development to Agile Development. With Agile, we’ve moved to a more flexible process that allows websites to go from concept to launch in 6 weeks rather than 6 months.

On June 12, our CMO Peter VanRysdam will conduct a webinar outlining why we’ve made the switch to Agile and the potential benefits Agile can bring to your web project. As with any new process, we hit some bumps along the road, but Peter will show you our experience and walk through the adjustments we’ve made along the way to tailor the model to Web development.

Attendees will also hear from clients and staff who have been on the forefront of our transition to Agile and have seen great results in their new web projects.

Register for the webinar Is ‘Agile’ Right for Your Web Project here.

Photo credit: VintageComputing.