Don Wedington / Marketing / March 12th, 2008

Is Social Networking really all the Rage?

In a word: YES!  There seems to be no shortage of people online with no real reason to do so other than to see what everyone else is doing online.  So huge is Facebook; Microsoft threw a truck load of money at them in October of last year just for a little piece of the action.

Well not to be out “networked“; Yahoo is looking to team up with Google and their OpenSocial movement.  What’s even crazier about this is that they are proposing to make a standard for developers to follow.  This would be a welcome thing as I know our developers are constantly asking for direction and standards.

But the big question is, “will this actually make me join FaceBook, MySpace, or OpenSocial?” Umm probably not, but at least we can develop the tools for all of our clients who are clamoring to have the latest and greatest.