352 Inc. / Marketing / April 11th, 2008

Keep your eyes up here

Not only do we have the pleasure of TV’s in our bathrooms, we also get regular strips of the comic Dilbert in there.  A staple for any person working in the tech industry.  We are so happy about this that we recognized the senior programer responsible for posting the comics in our yearly award ceremony.  Based losely on The Office’s Dundies, we have a lot of fun with our ‘Groupies’.  Notable mentions from last year were: Longest Vacation, Boosom Buddies: You’ll Never See One Without the Other, Working 27 Hours Straight Without Eating, Most Likely to Randomly Starting Talking and Incorrectly Assume You Know What He’s Talking About, Most Likely to Attack an Intruder with a Nerf Gun (personal favorite).

Well for those of you like most of america…. lazy and chronically dehydrated, here is another way to get your daily dose of Dilbert without using our bathroom or going to the main Dilbert site.  You can just embed in about any social networking site, news reader, blog or the like.