Mike Cushing / Technology / August 4th, 2014

Looking Back on an Incredible Company Retreat

When you work with people on a daily basis, things can become mundane – maybe even predictable. We know where each other’s strengths lie, and we trust them to accomplish their tasks just like they trust us to complete ours. Inspired people are at the core of 352, but sometimes it takes something special to see just how inspired we really are. The Race to 3:52 Hackathon was something special.

The Race to 3:52 was so much more than a hackathon, a dodgeball tournament and meaningful talks from people like Carl Smith of nGen Works and Jennifer Dary of Plucky. It was a chance to see the things that inspire our coworkers and be inspired in turn. It was an opportunity to come together to celebrate our shared passions and the work that those passions can create.

And it was one hell of a fun time.

Check out our hackathon teams below to see what we accomplished in three days, and stay tuned for more details on these projects. If you missed out on the great work we did this week, take a few minutes to peruse #352culture and #raceto352. You’ll quickly understand why everything at 352 starts with inspired people.

 Team Fit

Team Fit, our winners.

There’s a reason that most championships are won by teams, and there’s a reason that fitness efforts are so much more successful when you have a partner pushing you to work out. Team Fit is a fitness app that removes one of the biggest obstacles to getting fit: having to work out by yourself. By using the work teams that already exists, Team Fit will randomly send collective exercises during the day, and team members can opt in to an activity, track team progress and, most importantly, get fit. Learn more at GetTeamFit.com, and look for it soon in the App Store and in Google Play.


Keeping track of team productivity and tasks is a constant struggle for us at 352 – and for any Agile team. After all, our Scrum Masters can only do so much. Flare aims to make the Agile process less chaotic, and way better looking. There are many tools to help Agile teams, but Flare is the only one specifically focused on showcasing the most important stats of your team to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Learn more and join the Beta at GetFlare.io.



Every marketer struggles with some of the same challenges – not enough time in the day, not enough data to track their content, and just the struggle to produce content that resonate with your audience. Clickt is the first content marketing dashboard that tracks your content and then recommends ways to help extend its lifespan. Clickt follows your blog posts and social content to tell you how much longer a post has on its engagement lifecycle and will recommend times to sponsor posts or use paid media to promote content. Clickt.io


TapThat.Bar makes it easier for brewery and bar owners to connect with their customers by offering the information that matters. Craft beer is an immense industry, but most brewers are too busy brewing to keep in touch with the folks drinking their brews. TapThatBar solves that problem by offering a one-stop tool that breweries and bars can use to update all of their online properties at once. Tapped a new beer? Just update TapThatBar and get updates on social media and your website. Easy, peasy.


Retail stores often struggle with the ability to track customers throughout the store and to deliver targeted messages based on their location near a display. We may take it for granted on the Internet, but new technologies have made it possible to reach customers in the real world, in real time. Aproxio uses iBeacon technology to send updates to customers’ phones when they approach a display to prompt them to find deals or other offers throughout the store. If you’re a grocery store trying to push snacks during football season, you can place a beacon in the beer aisle and push a message to phones offering half off chips when you buy a six-pack. The technology is exciting, and Aproxio offers businesses an easy way to quickly get to market with strong analytics. Learn more at Aprox.io.

Mobile Assassin

If you’ve ever played the game Assassin on campus or at a convention, you know that there are some things that can easily land players in trouble. Whether it’s simply trying to dodge assassination by jumping off a balcony, or getting tackled by a security guard, there are some serious safety concerns – for both players and the places they play. Mobile Assassin solves all of those serious concerns by placing the game fully in a smartphone. Using iBeacon technology, players receive alerts when they’re within range of their assigned target and must get as close as possible to ensure success. Game management becomes simpler, safer and more fun. Mobile Assassin is backed by a detailed game world and training system to help players manage and play this popular game. Check out more features at MobileAssassin.org.


Poplr Pointing Poker

We built a few projects to help Agile teams, and Poplr cuts right to the heart of one of the biggest pain for any team: sprint planning and effort pointing. It takes hours and can easily be derailed by any number of things. Many teams use planning poker apps, but Poplr goes a step beyond other tools with an incredible design, an enjoyable game experience and the ability to export data to plug into tools like Jira. The game is currently in beta, but you can sign up for more details or give us your thoughts at Poplr.io.


ScoreRef is one of the most functional tools created during the Hackathon, designed to totally negate the need for paper-and-pen scoring for Family Board Game Night, and to be the only scoreboard you’ll ever need for any game ever. With intuitive scoring controls and a Rulebook library for common games, you can easily resolve any game dispute. Built on famo.us and geared for mobile, ScoreRef is the perfect complement to any game. Start scoring at ScoreRef.com

  • Daniel Alves

    That was an incredible week. Thank you to everybody.

  • Dallas Barnes

    Beautiful work all around 352 fam!

  • dustanner

    So proud of everyone! Thank you, 352, for an AMAZING week!

  • trish trout

    Awesome experience! Can’t wait till next year!

  • Katie Griggs

    So much amazing work done in so little time. I can’t wait to see all of these ideas come to fruition!

  • Evan Blake

    Nice placement of your photo Mike. – The Headless Monster

    • Mike

      That was bound to happen with this particular photo.

  • Robert Berris

    The work all of these teams were able to do is tremendous. I’m extremely proud of the work we accomplished. Can’t wait to see these go on to the next level.

  • Anye Angwafo

    This was a great experience for all – the work put through in short time was simply amazing. I’m proud of everyone and thank you 352 for such an awesome opportunity in the hackathon week!

  • aaronbdixon

    So exhausting, yet so fulfilling. You guys inspire me, give me drive to make myself a better developer. You guys are rockstars!

  • Jodi Higbee

    I almost can’t put into words how amazed I was by each and every presentation on Saturday. It absolutely reaffirmed why I am so proud to call myself a 352 employee!

  • dwasylow

    Kudos to Carl Smith and Jen Dary on excellent presentations. Thanks for making the trip to inspire and educate our team.

  • Jill Jones

    It’s an honor to work with such a talented group of people!

  • Robert C Hanley

    Hackathon 2015 can’t come soon enough, I’m already pumped up and cooking up ideas for the next go round

  • Peter Brownstein

    It was so fast paced, but I enjoyed working with my team and couldn’t have asked for more out of our guest speakers. Carl and Jennifer had some amazing topics that I enjoyed reflecting upon.

    I look forward to knocking out some of the other features on our Hackathon project backlogs and iterating on them soon.

  • http://www.beplucky.com Jen

    This is an awesome video! I feel slightly famous. You guys ruled! 🙂

  • Paul Traylor

    This year’s Race Week was amazing and humbling! I am incredibly proud to work at 352 and to have the opportunity to know all these amazing people! Another thanks to the Leadership Team for making this a reality and for inspiring us all to continue to push ourselves and our craft! We all heart 352!

  • Blake McLeod

    Had a great time. Thanks to all those to participated, organized and spoke!

  • Chris Manning

    Such an amazing week! Looking back on it, my favorite part was getting to know some of the people I don’t get to work with on a regular basis. I am truly proud to be a part of this family.