Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / May 27th, 2008

Looking to Multitask in the Bathroom? "Urine" Luck!

This must be inspired by the “Wii” remote… 

Sick of the old mouse and keyboard?  Here’s a new pointing device designed for the, um, I don’t know who this is designed for to be honest.  Though I’d use it.  Anyhow, it’s an interactive urinal which detects the spout’s location in the urinal. This location data are transmitted for processing to a computer. The software (e.g. games) initiates an interaction on the screen right in front of the user. As such, the PlaceToPee meets the inner need of man to “write his name in the snow”.”

Not sure if there’s a future for this type of device, but I for one wouldn’t read an email from anyone if it were sent from the urinal.  Put’s new meaning to the term “flagged.”

Thanks to Brian Keller and the “This Week on Channel9” team for bringing this one to my attention.

Place to Pee
Sorry…I Censored it for the work blog. 🙂