Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / July 11th, 2007

Managing Client Expectations is Key!

Road Construction Ahead ForeverMy wife and I were just cleaning out some photos off the memory stick yesterday, and we came across this great photo.  This was taken on a vacation in Arizona. We currently live in Florida.  At first glance, I saw the sign and thought how ridiculous it was.  Then I realized they’re just being honest.  Here in Florida, were always misled in terms of road construction.  All that does is set us up for disappointment.  At least Arizona can say they come in ahead of schedule!

The same is certainly true in the Web development arena.  Sure, it’s a lot easier to sell a site design if I say it will be ready in a couple of weeks, but with the kinds of sites we do, that just isn’t realistic.  Or fair.  A good site takes time.  You don’t want to rush planning or creative.  And rushing programming or testing will just lead to more headaches down the road.

So hat’s off to Arizona’s department of transportation for setting realistic, yet absurd, expectations!