Geoff Wilson / Innovation / October 6th, 2009

Microsoft Bing – Is the Honeymoon Over?

Bad news for Microsoft this month.  After seeing Bing’s percentage of the search market increase ever since its launch, it has now started to decrease for the first time.  This from the IBP E-newsletter:

“StatCounter Global Stats finds that Bing’s share of the US search market in September fell by over one percentage point to 8.51% from 9.64% in August. There was little consolation for Microsoft from the performance of its new partner, Yahoo! which also declined, to 9.40% from 10.50%.”

I think this means a lot of users gave Bing an initial shot to see what all the hype and marketing sizzle was about, but then returned to their old Google habits.

The next few months will be very telling for Bing.  If Bing’s marketshare continues to drop, then we will be living in a Google-dominated world for a very, very long time.

  • Carey

    Good to know. I meant to check out Bing, but I never made the time. Now I don’t have to.
    : )

  • Geoff – CEO

    Well Microsoft is going to continue to push Bing, and it does have a cool feature set, so hopefully they will have success with it long-term. It is just hard to break people from their habits, and right now everyone is in the habit of using Google. Bing does have some neat enhancements.

  • Peter

    I’m a big fan of the bing image search, and I prefer their maps as well. As for the general search results, I think their problem is that even if the results were more relevant, people are so set on google. It’s on their phone, their homepage, embedded in their browser. Both are free, so there needs to be a compelling reason for people to change, and I don’t know that there is one yet. Microsoft’s best bet is to continue to form partnerships to where bing is the default on new computers, phones, etc.