352 Inc. / Marketing / May 2nd, 2008

Multi-Tasking Just Got Easier

Since the 80’s, multitasking has been all the rage.  Never going out of fashion like the hair bands did (thank the Gods).   This is unlikely to change but there are always little tools that help us cope.  Anyone remember those calendars that took up most of your desk?  Well here is the digital version.  A handy little app* that displays different elements of Outlook on your desktop.   Even with a ton of windows open with the click of a button (XP and Vista users can Show Desktop, and OSX users can use Expose) you’ve got your calendar, inbox, address book, notes or tasks, plain as day looking right at you.

*Disclaimer: this is a 3rd party application which is in no way affiliated or sanctioned by 352 Media Group, Inc.