Geoff Wilson / Marketing / August 13th, 2008

NBC's Amazing Olympic Online Viewer – Powered by Microsoft Silverlight


If you haven’t seen this Web site yet, you should.  It is an extremely impressive demonstration of Microsoft Silverlight’s capabilities, and specifically its awesome video streaming capabilities.  Not to mention a GREAT way to watch the Olympic games!

Click any of the “Watch It Now” videos.  You’ll need to download the Silverlight 2.0 beta plugin (free quick download) if you don’t have it yet, and then you’ll be able to watch a ton of live feeds and recorded content from the Olympic Games.

Most impressive is the quality of video (it looks like high definition, although the screen size is smaller) and the interface to control the video.  You can actually watch up to 4 live video steams on your screen at the same time.  The whole interface is extremely impressive.  Definitely check it out.

This is a really great example for Microsoft of the power of their Silverlight technology.  I suspect Adobe is getting a little nervous right now, because Flash can’t do anything quite this cool.