Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / July 24th, 2007

Netflix's Day Goes From Bad to Worse!

Talk about a bad day., one of the two big players in online movie rental, saw their stock fall to it’s lowest historical price on Monday.  The dip came after they announced their first ever quarterly loss in their history.  That was bad.  Then things got worse.  Their site, the hub of all of their company’s activity, went down.  As I type on Tuesday afternoon, it is still down.  A message does however apologize to me for my inconvenience.  

I’m not actually inconvenienced, because I use, the other big player in the market.  I went with them because all other things seemed equal, and only blockbuster had in store rentals available as an alternative.  I’ll admit I haven’t used the service, or the free monthly in store coupons I get, nearly as much as I should.  But it is nice to have when I do want to veg out with a few movies over a weekend. 

It will be interesting to see what affect the current outage has on Netflix and its customer base.  People that I’ve talked to seem pretty loyal to the brand, but don’t a* blockbuster won’t take full advantage of this hiccup with a switch-over promo reminiscent of the long distance carrier wars.