Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / October 8th, 2007

New Shirt from the Makers of the USB Tape Dispenser

I’m what you might call a geek wanna-be.  I’m in marketing, so I couldn’t carry a full conversation in binary or kling-on, but I do enjoy a good humorous tech support story.  Along that vein, I found myself browsing on  That site is awesome if you’re a late twenties professional who still enjoys cartoons, which I am.  But now they’ve outdone themselves…

The just released a T-Shirt with a functioning wi-fi detector.  Walk down the street near a hot spot, and the shirt’s graphic lights up!  Crazy!  Will I get one?  No.  Never.  Not only because I’m not stoked about wearing (and washing) 3 AAA batteries, but also because I live close to pigs (see Geoff’s post), and not wi-fi.

But really, what else would you expect from the geniuses that brought you the USB missile launcher, the beeping “Anooy-a-tron,” and of course the USB tape dispenser?  That’s high quality fun right there.