Don Wedington / Marketing / April 21st, 2008

Not So Fast: Reports of Google Demise A Bit Premature

So Google put out the big number on Thursday that they are in fact very healthy when it comes to paid clicks.  As this article in the NYTimes states; there is a lesson to be learned when it comes to internet traffic reporting.  The lesson is it ain’t easy.  It seems that everyone was set to claim that Google was failing at the one thing it’s really good at, which of course is making money.

Although the overall trend is that paid clicks are on the decline, it’s only a slight one.  This news of course help spike a huge jump in Google’s stock price (from $455 on 4.17.08 to $537 on 4.21.08) and served as warning to everyone who was thinking that the slumping giant was anything but healthy.