352 Inc. / Innovation / July 30th, 2009

Online Petition Site – LobbyingForum Launched by 352 Media Group

In today’s world we are regularly made painfully aware of the less than pleasant things going on around us locally and globally.  Most of us are confronted with realities we’d like to see fixed.  However, in most cases there is a sense of ambivalence “Oh well, there really isn’t anything I can do about it”.  It’s one thing to give to charity or play a minor role in a grass roots effort, but to get the ball rolling yourself and start a movement from the ground up is a major challenge.  Without the resources to make something like this happen, most of us simply sit by and watch as others hopefully do what it takes to affect change.  This no longer must be the case.  Enter LobbyingForum, www.lobbyingforum.com.  A while back Dan Jexin, owner and president of LobbyingForum approached 352 Media Group to make his vision come to life.  He wanted a place where ordinary people could do something about the injustices they felt passionate about.  This was to be much more than an outlet for people.  Instead, it had to allow for action.  Users as encouraged to create petitions which are comprised of a detailed explanation of the issue, along with relevant links, user comments and most importantly a signature list.  One of the most powerful ways of showing those who have the real power to affect change is to show them that a lot of people are very passionate about the idea.  This allows for users to submit the issues and a list of signatures to whomever they like.


Working with Dan has been an absolute pleasure.  He is a model client.  His passion for this project was only rivaled by his ability to work organically with our team.  Communication is key in getting our customers what they expect and he was able to do so without exception.  Dan being in the UK and us being stateside presented some challenges.  Tele-conferences and lots and lost of emails kept everyone on the same page and development moving along swiftly in the right direction.  The results speak for themselves, but I was very pleased to hear that Dan felt the same way about working with us.  “My cooperation with 352 Media has worked very well from the first contact with my account manager to the development of my site with my project manager and I feel confident developing other projects with 352 in the near future. 352 Media is a professional and “big” firm with the right people that still has managed to keep some of the flexibility of a smaller firm.”  We are already working on updates to the site and planning a major 2.0 version coming later this year.


The site is still young but has already grown to include a variety of issues, from making a cutting edge, cancer fighting tool Cyberknife available in Australia to keeping the Concord Elementary School’s doors open.  Take a look, start a petition, or just provide your signature on issues you find important.  It certainly can’t hurt.